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Other Work


My poems appear unexpectedly, infrequently and without warning after sitting in meditation. What I do is listen for them and write them down.


I discovered my love for the mystery of collage 10 years ago and have been making them ever since. What appears always surprises me.


My mother was the painter in the family, so I felt that was off limits. I never drew or painted until after she died, when I was in my 40s and the carving had become increasingly hard on my body.


I began making quilts when I was studying to be an energy healer. The colors, patterns and textures were soothing after doing hands-on work with people.


Carving was my first love. In my 20s I worked with stone, but soon moved on to wood for practical reasons after I had my children.


All of the dolls are made from sticks except for the last two, Eugene and Emmaline. On my walks I would see sticks that looked like they could be people, so I’d bring them home and dress them.


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